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The Most Popular Types Of Carpet

Understanding the differences in carpet will help you make an educated purchasing decision. Once you know the basics, you can move on to choose the styles and colors that you like. First time buyers may feel overwhelmed when shopping for carpet, and may even be tempted to choose another flooring type.  In reality, making the choice is not terribly hard.

Carpet Styles

Popular styles include plush, weaves, and textured. Pile, plush, cable, Berber, and frieze are the five basic styles that you can choose from. Each offers different benefits, and each will work well in many types of homes.

Textured pile is actually cut in different lengths. This style helps to hide dirt, and does not leave noticeable vacuum marks. It is actually quite comfortable to walk on. Textured pile is often seen in bedrooms. This style seems to be a mix of the softness of plush, and thickness of cable.

Berber is yet another popular choice. This carpet type is made by weaving the carpet into tight loops. Berber is made to last, and is often seen in high traffic areas because of this fact. Stairways, and other areas of the home that receive lots of traffic are popular choices for this style.

Frieze is produced by twisting the fibers. They are also crimped, which creates a more random pattern. Frieze carpet creates a unique look, and does not show vacuum cleaner lines. It also holds up well to traffic.

Carpet and Pets

Indoor pets should be considered when purchasing carpet. There are certain styles and colors that will work to hide the appearance of shedding. Pet owners may want to consider loop free carpet, as the claws on pets can become trapped within the loops. Plush, frieze, and textured are all fine choices for pet owners.

There are now carpet options that are made with organic compounds. These are good for both pets and people, as they reduce allergens. It is also possible to purchase hypoallergenic carpet padding to go underneath. Carpet can hold dust mites, mold, and mildew. All of these can trigger allergy symptoms. Those that already have allergies should consider these “green” carpet versions.

Making the decision of which type of carpet to purchase for your home does not need to be difficult. So long as you consider what type of traffic the room will receive, your pets, and any allergies, there should be no problems. There are plenty of colors and styles to choose from, and finding carpet to match your décor should be easy.

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